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Broken Arrow Ranch Website Review

Artisanal Purveyor of Free-Range Venison, Antelope & Wild Boar

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Broken Arrow Ranch Website Review
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Broken Arrow Ranch specializes in venison and wild boar, which they offer in every possible cut, including trimmings and bones for pet consumption. Advertised as an artisanal purveyor of truly wild animals, Broken Arrow assures online buyers that their deer, antelope and boar are allowed to roam freely and consume their natural diet of plants and berries. Their extensive and sophisticated website is laid out extremely well with many fascinating and in-depth articles about the animals they humanely "harvest" from the South Texas area, where the ranch operations are located.

Superior Quality and Professionalism

Broken Arrow takes obvious pride in their product. The ranch has been recognized in the press and has been featured twice by Emeril Lagasse as "ethical, reputable and environmentally friendly" on his Emeril Green show. Broken Arrow's founder, Mike Hughes, struggled with the philosophical issue of taking another creature's life, and was only able to rationalize killing game animals as long as its death was treated with respect. Obviously, this startling attitude is unique in game hunting/harvesting, and it certainly sets them apart from other ranches. Because of this philosophy, Broken Arrow's deer and boar are truly free ranging and eat their natural diet that has not been treated with growth hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics.

Website Particulars

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To quell any concerns about how the animals are killed, the website has several thoughtful sections about their "harvesting," a term Broken Arrow Ranch has used for 30 years. Owner Chris Hughes emphasizes that they do not slaughter the animals, which implies rounding up deer in a slaughterhouse. Hunting is certainly involved, but it's not for sport or entertainment. Indeed, Broken Arrow Ranch is one of the few online markets of domestic game that demonstrates an enlightened understanding of how an animal's increased stress level at the time of death affects the taste of their meat.

Broken Arrow takes great pains to explain to the potential customer how they have ingeniously set up mobile processing facilities to effect a quicker dressing of the harvested game. Also in attendance with the hunter (although that word is never used) and skinner is a government meat inspector to over see how the animal is processed. After reviewing many wild-game-for-sale online websites, Broken Arrow is one of the few to fully document their farming practices.

There are other online game meat purveyors who promote the integrity of their businesses, but none have the zeal of educating the public as Broken Arrow has. Their website is chock-full of information ranging from food safety to electro-stimulation (a process that tenderizes the meat after slaughter) to waiter training for professional chefs who serve game meat in restaurants. It's easy to spend hours on Broken Arrow's website learning everything there possibly is to know about venison and wild boar.

Prices and Shipping

Broken Arrow Ranch is a bit more expensive than other purveyors of wild game meats, and similar to the pricing for organic meats, the consumer is paying for peace of mind that the free-range animals are killed humanely as well as for the high-quality of the meat. Boneless venison loin is listed at $33 per pound, and venison rack is $28 per pound. Filets and medallions average $20 per pound. Wild boar is less expensive, although the chops are $19 per pound. Pricing for special packages is much better, and it would probably be the way to go for a first-time buyer who wants to sample different game meats.

Broken Arrow has negotiated overnight shipping rates (to ensure freshness of the product) that are substantially lower than UPS's standard rates. Other websites tend to incorporate shipping rates into the pricing of products, but Broken Arrow prefers to separate shipping costs, which decrease as the quantity of product ordered increases. There is a base fee of $20 plus $1 per pound, so for example, a 5-pound order costs $25 or $5 per pound. (Expedited delivery is an additional $9.95.)

Overall Assessment

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Although Broken Arrow Ranch's pricing tends to be slightly higher than other online purveyors of wild game meat, their quality is far superior. Combined with an enlightened philosophy of animal husbandry and sustainable farming, Broken Arrow Ranch is highly recommended.

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