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Kosher Salt


Kosher Salt
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Definition: Kosher salt is a large-grained, flaky salt made without the iodine additive in regular table salt. Its name refers to the koshering process (as defined by Jewish dietary law) of drawing blood from butchered meat. Table salt dissolves easily and simply runs off, while the large crystals of Kosher salt disperse more evenly and cling to meat, which makes it an ideal salt for most methods for cooking meat, poultry and game. Because Kosher salt retains its shape, it should not be used for baking.

Although Kosher salt and table salt are chemically the same (97% sodium chloride) and are mined from underground salt deposits, table salt is treated with iodine and anti-clumping agents, which give it a metallic tang, while Kosher salt has a purer taste.

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