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Venison Recipes

Venison is the general name for the meat of any species of wild or farmed deer. Larger species, such as moose, elk, caribou and antelope, are often included in the category. Venison is high in protein and low in fat and is considered a healthy red meat. Venison is usually prepared two ways: slow and moist for roasts and ribs, and quick and hot for steaks and cutlets.

Any Leftover Meat Hash Recipe
Any leftover meat can be chopped and sauteed into an easy and delicious hash for breakfast or dinner.

Bacon-Wrapped Venison Filet with Red Cabbage and Blueberry Sauce
Roasted bacon (or pancetta)-wrapped venison filet with sauteed red cabbage and raisins drizzled with a savory blueberry sauce.

Bacon-Wrapped Venison Medallions with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce
Venison tenderloin medallions wrapped in bacon are quickly sauteed then drizzled with a red wine mushroom sauce and topped with port-poached pears.

French-Onion Slow-Cooker Moose Roast Recipe
Moose roast slow-cooked to tenderness with all the flavors of French onion soup.

Herb-Crusted Venison Filets with Horseradish Sauce Recipe
Tender venison filets are coated with Dijon mustard, rosemary and thyme, then roasted and served with an easy horseradish sauce.

Homemade Mincemeat
Traditional mincemeat pie with Scotch butter sauce spooned on top.

Korean-Style (Bulgogi) Grilled Venison Recipe
Bulgogi is a popular Korean dish of marinated and grilled beef. Musician/chef Joe Kwon of The Avett Brothers substitutes thinly sliced venison for beef.

Moose, Pork and Duck Tortiere
The French-Canadian hearty holiday meat pie with moose, pork and duck confit.

Moose Sirloin Steak with Sauted Mushrooms and Red Wine Sauce Recipe
Tender moose sirloin steak is seared and pan-roasted and served with sauted mushrooms and a satiny red wine sauce.

Venison Burgers Recipe
Ground venison and bratwurst sausage meat make a juicy grilled burger topped with Wisconsin cheddar and grilled thick onion rings.

Moose Steaks with Creamy Gruyere Sauce
Seared moose steaks with a creamy Gruyere sauce spooned on top.

Rack of Venison Stuffed with Pecans, Currents, Sausage & Pears Recipe
An incredible recipe from chefs Nancy Oakes and Bruce Aidells for venison rack stuffed with roasted pears, sausage, currents and pecans.

Roast Moose with Horseradish and Honey Dijon Crust
Sirloin moose roast topped with a sweet-spicy horseradish and honey-dijon mustard crust.

Roasted Venison with Sweet Potatoes & Rosemary Sauce Recipe
A rosemary, lemon and garlic sauce bastes and roasts boneless venison roast and sweet potatoes in Kate Krukowski Gooding's recipe.

Venison & Calvados Apricots Meatloaf Recipe
A moist and elegant meatloaf of ground venison, Calvados-soaked dried apricots and pistachio meats all wrapped in paper-thin slices of bacon.

Slow Cooker Venison Roast with Creamy Mushroom & Onion Gravy
A variation of a popular slow cooker recipe for venison roast, using freshly made cream of mushroom soup instead of canned.

Venison Breakfast Sausage Recipe
A savory and peppery breakfast sausage with less fat than other sausages and with a touch of sweetness from maple syrup.

Venison Casserole with Dumplings Recipe
Red-wine marinated venison oven-braised casserole with fresh-horseradish dumplings.

Venison Chili Recipe
This is a great braised chili recipe if you've never tried venison before. Venison meat blends especially well with the flavors of chili, bacon and beer.

Venison Chops with Spiced-Wine-Poached Pears Recipe
The sauce for sautéed venison chops is made from the spiced red wine used for poaching the pear garnish.

Venison Country-Style Pate
A savory country-style paté made with venison.

Venison Diana Recipe - Venison in the Style of Steak Diane
This elegant and quick-cooking recipe is said to have been created to honor the Roman goddess of the hunt, using venison instead of steak.

Venison Moussaka Recipe
A delicious combination of ground venison, roasted eggplant, bechamel, Parmesan and cinnamon makes a wonderful dish for summer or winter.

Venison Osso Buco Recipe
Osso buco is traditionally made with veal shanks. In this recipe, venison shanks add full, rich flavor.

Venison Steak and Garlic French Fries
Sautéed venison steaks in a butter and red wine sauce with freshly fried potatoes tossed with garlic and parsley.

Venison Steaks with Chili-Red Currant Sauce Recipe
Venison pairs well with fruit and spice, and the chili and red currant sauce in this recipe adds both sweetness and heat.

Wild Game Chili Recipe
A slow-cooked and spicy "Texas Red" chili of ground venison and ground wild boar. No beans allowed.

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