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Squab Recipes

Squab — or young domesticated pigeon — has been a popular menu item since Ancient Egypt, where it was raised as livestock. Today, squab is still enjoyed throughout the world for its tasty and lean dark meat, which is mineral rich and high in protein. Many international cuisines celebrate squab, as the recipes in this section show.

Bacon-Wrapped Squabs in Parchment Recipe
An elegant recipe for a show-stopping entree. Squabs are browned, wrapped in bacon and mushroom duxelles and baked in parchment paper.

Braised Squab with Chocolate
In Spain, squab and chocolate are often paired in a marriage of complementing flavors. This recipe originates from Catalonia, and the chocolate is whisked in just before serving.

Grilled Squab with Pomegranate Molasses & Sauteed Kale
This easy yet sophisticated recipe marinates then grills squab, which is served on a nest of sauteed kale and drizzled with pomegranate molasses.

Minced Squab & Pork in Lettuce Cups
A classic Cantonese dish of minced squab and pork, stir-fried and served in Boston lettuce cups.

Pigeon with Port-Poached Figs, Bacon & Chanterelles Recipe
Port-and-butter-poached figs, bacon lardons and chanterelles bring sweet and savory flavors to pan-roasted pigeon.

Roast Squab with Fig & Red Wine Sauce
Delicious and delicate squab are pan-roasted and drizzled with fig and red wine sauce inspired by the vineyards in Napa Valley.

Simplest Roast Squab Recipe
If you're able to get squab from a butcher or specialty meat market, this recipe is the simplest way to prepare roast squab.

Squab au Vin Recipe
Squab is braised in this recipe in a savory French sauce of red wine, pancetta and mushrooms.

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